Feedback - experiences after attending events


In this section I would like to share some experiences of people who were attending my events. The following is a small selection of feedbacks I got told:


My husband gave me the first time after 10 years something for birthday, after I have visited 2 weeks ago for the first time the energy evening with him. Even my children were very surprised of the change in the behavior of their father. (A woman from Hungary)


I always had trouble with my neighbor and we had a bad relationship. After I participated in 2 energy evenings, his behavior to me changed suddenly. He got friendly and he even fixed my garage, for which I would have spent several hundred euros, if I would have called a service team to do this. (A woman from Germany)


After visiting the energy evenings it is easier for me to tune into the harp playing. (A woman from Germany)


I run a tennis court which needs to be covered in winter with a tent. In the recent years there has been always a dispute between the 10 workers and me during this activity, although I tried to do everything right. It always lasted until late in the evening to get the tent done with several corrections.

After I was at the energy evening 2 times something has changed fundamentally. This year for the first time there was no dispute, the tent was set up right first time and we already finished shortly after noon! (A man from Hungary)





Please use the form, if you would like to give me some feedback about the changes that have occurred in your life after visiting one of my events. The feedback can be published with the first name or only with the indication of your location.



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